Dear friends,

I've been in a season of reading a lot! A lot of the Bible and a lot of Biblically sound books. I've taken the road of no return into Apologetics and I have fallen into a great love and respect to know more about God's truth as declared in scripture and what that means for my life, my marriage and my motherhood- what it means for my friendships, my family and my worldview. My belief system has been rooted in Jesus, but I am not in a place where I want to know how to answer the tough questions and objections with the truth of scripture.

So I'm changing a lot of things. The tone of my webpage is going to look, feel and sound different. Still loving and celebratory- but uncompromising on social issues and where the Bible draws the line.

There is enough fluff on the internet. Yes, God does love us all - so much so that He sent Jesus. But that does refute His standards on holiness, salvation and what our new lives should look like in Jesus.

I will never stop cheering us all on in faith, but I will begin to point us more into peculiar living, rather than just pretty living. I'm still excited for your dreams and your goals and your relationships, but I am convinced and convicted that I must take a stand to point every reader to the Jesus of the Bible- not the Jesus of generality. That Jesus does not exist. My Jesus - as found in the 66 books of the Bible, is not general or neutral. He is sharp and devine and holy and loving and no-nonsense when it comes to sin. he is forgiving and every present and able to save! That's the Jesus I have pledged my life, my family and my future to. He is all I want to read about and now... all I wan to write about.

Talk soon.

Katrina McCain


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Yay! All done! Talk soon!


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