Dear friends,

I've been in a season of reading a lot! A lot of the Bible and a lot of Biblically sound books. I've taken the road of no return into Apologetics and I have fallen into a great love and respect to know more about God's truth as declared in scripture and what that means for my life, my marriage and my motherhood- what it means for my friendships, my family and my worldview. My belief system has been rooted in Jesus, but I am now in a place where I want to know how to answer the tough questions and objections with the truth of scripture - not just for personal interest, but for the sake of raising children who pursue Jesus and for the hope to participate in the Great Commission (Matthew 28).

So I'm changing a lot of things. The tone of my webpage is going to look, feel and sound different. Still loving and celebratory- but uncompromising on social issues and where the Bible draws the line.

There is enough fluff on the internet. Yes, God does love us all - so much so that He sent Jesus. But His love does not excuse the absence of holiness, salvation or what our lives should look like in Jesus.

Committed. This is my heart's cry today, and I pray for always! I want to live as Biblically obedient as the Holy Spirit will give me strength to do. I want to shape my children's minds to refer to scripture and not their feelings. I want to raise pilgrims for Christ in the foreign land of selfishness, self-ambition, self help and self glory.

I will never stop cheering us all on in faith, but I will begin to point us more into peculiar living, rather than just pretty living. I'm still excited for your dreams and your goals and your relationships, but I am convinced and convicted that I must take a stand to point every reader to the Jesus of the Bible- not the Jesus of comfort or personal happiness. That Jesus does not exist. Holiness. This is the call of the Gospel! This is why Jesus truly came. He offers more than happiness- He offers a new spirit, a right relationship with God, a fruitful life filled with the Holy Spirit and an eternal future where all suffering, striving and emptiness cease.


This Jesus- as found in the 66 books of the Bible- is not general or neutral. He is sharp and divine and holy and loving and no-nonsense when it comes to sin. He is forgiving and He is the only truth that exists. He alone is able to save. That's the Jesus I have pledged my life, my family and my future to. He is all I want to read about and now... all I wan to write about. The more I read the Bible and the more I learn about the unchanging truth of scripture which addresses every issue we are bombarded with in our world today, the more I desire to take an Apologetic stand for that truth, as a glory to the Lord.

I pray that you will join me as I learn more about defending the faith (1 Peter 3:15) and more about answering critical questions with Biblical truth and love. It's a bit scary to change tones and directions, but the truth is worth it! 

Talk soon.

Katrina McCain


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