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If God chooses to love imperfect people, then  maybe we shouldn't be so focused on perfection.

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Beyond Being Good- Official Book Trailer
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"I need to do better."

Have you ever said that to yourself before? We all have, but is life about doing better or living better?


Beyond Being Good tackles our drive to be good and do good by offering the Bible's perspective of being transformed by the goodness of God in our daily lives, rather than our personal attempts at perfection. 


By chronicling her own personal stories of victory and defeat, Katrina offers her readers a vibrant and transparent challenge to live above social acceptance and personal perfection by delving into a deeper understanding of God’s goodness through a total experience of His love.


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Katrina’s words are like those of a sweet friend, sharing her stories and struggles while inviting you to dig deep into how God is unfolding a perfect, beautiful story in your own life- no matter how broken it may feel. I love Katrina’s perspective and encouragement to lean into your faith - to take hold of God's outstretched hands wholeheartedly and without abandon. Beyond Being Good was a joy to read and is sure to encourage and inspire women everywhere. 

-Emily Ley,  Author of A Simplified Life



Every “good girl” needs to read this book! Katrina challenges her readers to move from pretense to substance in their relationship with Christ. Her honesty and transparency encourages us to let our hair down and be real with God. Katrina’s words are convicting, yet inspiring; her thoughts richly metaphoric, yet down-to-earth. It is packed with so many pearls of wisdom, that I consider the entire book a gem! Beyond Being Good is destined to catalyze a generation who is more than nominally Christian, one who boldly lives out their identity in Christ!

-Isis Smalls, Empowerment Speaker, Bestselling Author of Beauty in the Making,

Katrina’s heart for people is evident in every page of this book. A relevant massage for this generation and the ones to come; she explores her past to show how she fought through the “being good” trap and into being profoundly present and whole. This book takes you on a journey of self-reflection, ultimately ending in the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father. Katrina opens her readers up to be authentic in their vulnerability by simply saying, “I’ll go first”! 

-Amanda Roman Leak, co-author of The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You

As the standards of morality shift all around us, Katrina repositions the Gospel as the true test of goodness. Beyond Being Good is going to unleash the next generation of female Christ followers to move past a shallow desire for approval to a passion filled calling to serve Jesus. Her words and her genuine heart are evident and I am so thrilled for each reader who dares to turn these pages.

-Kat Armstrong, Speaker, Writer, Founder of Polished Ministries


Katrina writes, ‘When you’re loved well, you live well.’ These words of truth bring hope to everyone on a quest to live life to its fullest. The author illuminates hope to broken spirits and healing to wounded hearts. To learn we can truly live with integrity, character, and Christ’s redeeming love make this a must-read! I highly recommend this addition to your personal library. 

-Dr. Susie Shellenberger, fulltime speaker, author and creator of Brio Magazine

I’m grateful to know that I’m not alone in this pursuit of being more than just a “good girl”. I believe this book has offered us all a challenge to increase, not only in staying far away from the lies of “Checklist Christianity”, but most importantly that we truly dive into the depth of our personal intimacy with the Lord. This book encourages the reader to fully receive and trust God's love so that when the day comes, we can be His ready bride! All I have to say is, ‘consider the challenge accepted.’”

-Trinity Anderson, Singer, Song Writer, Vocalist for William McDowell Music


When I read a book, I desire to feel connected to the author and a sense that each word I'm reading is backed with substance beyond mere opinion. Katrina writes in a way that is powerfully vulnerable, amusing and rooted in God's Word. Her use of scripture and personal stories intertwine her message in a refreshingly authentic way and I can truly say I closed this book with a better sense of who I want to be as a woman and as a Christian! Beyond Being Good is a celebration of the transformation that God desires to create in each of us, no matter where we may find ourselves in our current situations.

-Hannah Leigh Walsh, Missionary and Founder of Symbols of Grace



Katrina's message expands our sometimes 2-dimensional thinking, as Christian women. We get so caught up in the doing for others, personal successes, and personal pride in ourselves, that we forget it's all about a RELATIONSHIP with the Father, not just an acquaintance with Him. This book comes at the right time for women who are seeking more in their relationship with Christ than just doing the right things and being good. 

-Jasmine Powers, Worship Leader for 8th Day Church, Co-Founder of Studio Powers Dance Studio

Katrina's words truly ministered to me in several situations and I have no doubt that others will discover healing through her vulnerability and transparency. Her use of scripture and personal stories tug at familiar places and points directly to our loving Savior! This book is sure to be a blessing to those in need of healing  from the deception of perfection and for others who will keep it as a reminder of the commitment they made to God and to themselves. So sweet. So sincere. So genuine!

-Andrea Coleman, Technical Account Manager for Microsoft and Women's small group leader

"In Christ, we are all that we need to be. It's not about being "Good Girls", it's about living our lives in confidence that we are loved by our good God!" - Katrina McCain

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