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The Bible App Youversion by Life Church is reaching the whole world with free resources, multiple Bible translations, Biblical studies and daily devotionals. Katrina McCain is proud to be one of the many thousands of contributors and writers that help make this platform such a dynamic contribution to the lives of Christians around the world! 

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Doubt wants us to believe that obedience to God is outdated and that application of scripture in our daily living is in vain. But God’s Word promises eternal treasures of joy and freedom when we not only hear God’s Word, but also obey. Joy and freedom result in our obedience and causes us to soar above the pulls and temptation of this world. Click Here to begin.

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Are you influencing your social circle to level up in their pursuit of Christ? Friendships can have a distinctive influence on our lives: our activities, our mentality and even our relationship with Jesus. God has a divine design and purpose for you to impact the lives of those you call friends. Click HERE to begin.

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Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, but the Bible is our road map to every new adventure in our lives! Join this journey filled with inspiring prayers and scriptures to cover the heart of your new born blessing or child of any age! Click HERE to begin.

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