ODE: Looks for the Future

There are some looks that are absolutely classic. There are some people who's presence suspend what time has changed. This photo shoot with my brother, Benjamin Coleman, is an ode to our history and our future. This look was captured in Charlotte, NC, at Optimist Hall, a really dope spot for art, good food and creative collaboration. I absolutely loved our time there. Its aesthetics and vibe really helped us both channel our creative perspectives. If you're in town and have a chance to check it out, do so! Be sure to check out Undercurrent Coffee while you're there! The look I pulled together is a result of some thrifting I did at Buffalo Exchange. It's a cute little spot on Central Avenue a

Fields of Fashion

My hubs and I were driving and I saw it: a real Sunflower field. I was amazed and totally captivated. I made (um, asked) him to pull over and I pleaded with him to take my picture. What a sweet heart, right? I think flowers can teach us a lot about fashion and style and our appearances. In a world where there is so much uncertainty with our identity, self esteem and confidence, it's nice to see that something that is seemingly insignificant in the day to day of life, can hold its own in a powerful way. I don't care if you are a college student waiting tables or if you are on the top of your fashion game in NY, we all have importance and it's not limited to the price tags hanging in our close


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Location: Charlotte, NC