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I was always that girl in high school and college that looked over to see groups of girls laughing and having fun. I tried so hard to fit in, but in the end, I didn't truly feel like I belonged. It's taken my entire 20's to realize that popularity doesn't define me. Jesus defines me and He has placed so many loving friends in my life. I may be too tall, too different, too sensitive and too chatty, but I am never too much for Jesus!

As I am growing to know His love for me, I desire to extend that same love and be the friend that I've always wanted, so believe me when I say, your message means so much to me! Your thoughts, prayer requests, questions and comments are important and know that I will respond with eager encouragement and a heart-filled smile!




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  • Non-Business Inquiries: Are you a reader of the blog and have a general question? Please  fill out the contact form below.

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