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Jarrett McCain joins Katrina in this honest conversation about their marriage, their mess ups, God's faithfulness and the lesson's they've learned along the way!

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Is our sexuality celebrated by God? Does marriage evolve our sexuality? Bobbi Kumari and Katrina chat about our God-given identity and sexuality in this 2 part Episode!

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Katrina shares on the snares of perfection and living confidently in a broken world.

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Listen in on how to cultivate deep and responsible friendships and the dangers of shallow relationships. 

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Need Encouragement for those random moments in life? In this Podcast, Katrina and Enid discuss God's plans and how nothing in life is for granted ... even the randomness has purpose!

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Katrina shares aspects of her book, Beyond Being Good, and gives encouragement to resist perfection and pursue the love of Christ!

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Katrina expands on chapters of her book,  growing up as a Pastor's daughter and raising godly children.

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Join Katrina for her first podcast interview on her new book, Beyond Being Good.

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Katrina's most transparent show thus far. Jenn Jewell explores all the messes and the grace of Christ that saves us all! Be sure to take a listen! 

Katrina encourages women to be their authentic and genuine selves by first following Jesus.

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Explore life with Jesus as Katrina shares

on God's love and transformation

in any willing heart.

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Published Articles Written by Katrina McCain

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Magazine Interviews


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