Your Go-To

When you're bored with what's in your closet, what's your go to color palate?

I'm guessing that's not a question you hear everyday. But I think it's important to know what your best color is, for those days when you don't have the energy to be creative with your appearance. Let's face it, everyone one of us, at some point in our week, sighs with frustrations and declares that we have nothing to wear!

Don't lie, girl. I know you've done it! You probably did it today! lol...

For me, a white top is my best bet, no matter what. Whether it's a T-shirt, a sweater or a cutie tank or tube top, like you see above- for me, the life saver is any shade of white. I love it against my complexion and I can always add color with accessories, like the belt I chose in the picture.

I wore this on a trip to Carytown, VA with my man! It was a hot day and I had no idea what we were going to be doing. All I knew was that he had planned some morning activities, so I decided to go simple and clean. We walked the Canal, got some amazing coffee at a few local spots, visited 3 museums and ate Burgers. A perfect day to go with a great outfit ... or, maybe I should have said that the other way around!

No matter ... this entire outfit was purchased on sale at Express. (I promise I shop at other places, I just haven't documented them yet!) Express is always a fave of mine!

So, I'm going to ask you, again ... what is your go-to palate? Pales, pastels, neutrals, vivid hues ... so many options and so many ways to style them. Don't limit yourself and explore yourself through your closet! I bet you'd be surprised at what you come across on those forgotten hangers!


This is my fourth fashion inspired post and I hope you're loving it so far! I know I am! I'd love to hear from you! Send me a note or DM me on Instagram! Talk soon, girl!

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