LULU for Lululemon!

I'm not athletic. I'm not even going to try. Maybe that's a defeatist mindset - idk. All I know is, athleisure, for me, is all about the "leisure"! But, for some - maybe you - athletic wear is part of your lifestyle. Maybe you're a runner, or a hiker, or a kick boxer. If you're into action and motion, I want to suggest trying out Lululemon!

Lululemon has some amazing pieces for the girl on the go. The girl who's going to get coffee, like me! Or, the girl who's going to win some medals. No matter your reasons, this shop has got a lot! Cute colors and a great fit makes me a happy lady!

These cranberry leggings are accurately named, "All The Right Places"! So comfy, high waisted and breathable, it makes me think of Dr. Seues's, "All the Places You'll Go"!

Girl, let me tell you can go to and through a lot in these pants! Here's the link if you want 'em!

The top is one of their dependable cuts. Plain and simple, to get the job done. If you're cleaning up spilled milk like I normally do in the mornings, or you're on your daily run, the fit is great and the cut isn't too low. You can easily shop this style here.

In the pic below, you see me in Lululemon's amazing Fast and Free Tights. These cuties

have a secret pocket for items you need to be hands-free with. I love how they actually fit my legs! No worrying about sagging in these leggings!

Again, they are a high waisted style; perfect for those of us with long torsos. There are some really great reviews on these pants, so don't just take my word for it! #readingrainbowquotes

If you're up for something comfy, useful and cute, add these Fast and Free Tights to your collection!

Saving the BEST for last - in true form - I want to make you all aware that I, along with some really great blogger gals, will be giving away a free gift card to Lululemon today!!! Yaaaaaay! That's right! So exciting! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get more awesome details on this and more!

That's all for now! Drop a comment, email me or DM me anytime! I'd love to know your thoughts and wardrobe suggestions!

Style is made and cute is created. Don't box yourself in!

Enjoy the journey, ladies!

*This giveaway is not sponsored by Lululemon or it's affiliates. It's a community inspired effort to help showcase new bloggers and give a voice to those who are in the initial process of building their platforms.

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