In Time We Will Grow

March 18, 2018

The older my daughter gets, the more in awe I am of her. My first few months as a mother were quite zombie-like. I tried so hard to keep up with my regular routine of lipstick, high heels and a Starbucks. It was a challenge, but we as women were created to juggle and wear many hats. So in the morning, while I would shake a rattle in one hand, I'd apply my mascara with the other, and wish for an afternoon all by myself- to revert to a time where I was the only person in the bathroom. 


I felt alone with this scary little person that didn't come with any directions or instructions. Was she sleeping too much? Was she eating enough? The Doctor said she was "small"... what does that mean??? I felt overwhelmed and ugly all the time. My routine was completely ruined and I'm ashamed to say how much that really bothered me at first. I just wanted to get to the next phase. I wanted her to grow up a little.


As weeks turned into months and months into two years, I'm sweetly reminded of my tiny, wrinkly little baby girl who all of a sudden has morphed into this beautiful and active toddler! Gosh, time flies so fast!


Just looking back over my life, I see time whizzing by... like traffic on the road. My first day of high school, my graduation from college, my first date with Jarrett, my marriage and many other accomplishments in between. My twenties came and went with a flash and now, in this new arena of motherhood, I find time passing by as well.


See, God has blessed us each with a certain allotment of time, and though we spend so much of this time hoping for a better time, there are moments we should set aside to cherish. No day can ever be repeated and no experience can ever be duplicated. In my beginning months of motherhood, I wasn't very considerate that Kailyn would only be 3 months old, once. She would only take her first step once and she would only be an infant for a short time.  


"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"~Psalm 90:12



Time is a gift. Don't wish it away. Don't pray for it to move faster, because you might miss out on your blessing. Live in the moment and learn to celebrate where you are. Because, I promise you, somewhere out there, there is someone wishing they were in your shoes. 


I never considered this at first. So much of my first year as a mother was spent wishing time would move faster. I was always tired and sore and Kailyn was always hungry and loud. "I can't wait for this stage to be over", I'd say to myself. But now, I miss those nursing afternoons. I miss being able to hold her with one arm and I miss the early morning snuggles we used to share. 


Now, she is too busy dancing to be still enough to let mommy hold her. She is too eager to try things by herself and to pick this up, or read the book all by herself, without my help. It's amazing that, even at two, she's aware of what she looks like. "Mommy, let me see", she'll say, insinuating that she wants me to pick her up so that she can look at her outfit in the mirror! Oh yeah... that's my child!


So I want to encourage all the new moms out there... believe the old ladies that tell  you,

"it goes by so fast". It really does!  I still remember, vividly, being pregnant and excited! Kailyn is running around like a rabbit now, but I still remember when she depended on me for every little thing. Now she can do it "alone". Gosh...They grow so fast! In time, we will all grow... into what? Only God knows. He alone knows where He is taking you and He knows what you need  in life to get you to the places you are going. Don't be afraid or overwhelmed. You were called in this moment and in this season to be all that you are, not all that you wish you were. Chin up, friend! You've got this!



Message for new moms: If you haven't heard it lately, I want you to know that you're doing a great job! You might not feel as fashionable as you used to. You might be tired and overwhelmed and you might even skip a few showers in those first weeks, but you are an amazing woman and mother. You are loving your baby, and that is what being a good mom is all about! 


Weather you are a graduating senior, transitioning into a new company, taking a move of faith or preparing for your wedding day, this is the appointed time for you. Don't waste it by wishing it to go faster. Learn to take each moment into account and cherish your blessings as you receive them!


Be encouraged and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be!


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Love the message? Know someone who could benefit? Please be sure to share this with your sweet momma friends and encourage them. We mom's need our girlfriends to build us up, from time to time!


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