Why Do We Celebrate Resurrection Day?

March 31, 2018

He has risen, ladies! Happy Resurrection Day!


For many of us, today will be filled with family traditions of an early service, some feasting and that all too famous, "Easter Dress". I remember a time when my mom would litterally shove me into some white stockings and then, regretably, buckle some black patent leather shoes on my feet! (Yikes!)

This morning, as I pause from making a huge macaroni and cheese dish for my family to share,  I am in awe of the immense beauty that is represented by this day: beauty that testifies of the unconditional love ... even for someone like me. In truth, Easter or Resurrection Day, shouldn't be  limited to 24 hours, but should perpetuate and reverberate within our hearts, minds, souls and deeds throughout our entire existence. Though we are each on a journey of transformation and development in our personal lives, it's so easy to take our blessings and this day for granted and confine it to only one day.


But, as we grow into women and more into an intimate relationship with Christ, let's take a moment to meditate on the bigger picture here. We aren't celebrating eggs or pink bunnies and although getting up at 5am to attend a 6:30 sunrise service with your family is special and commendable, we really aren't focused on that tradition, either.


Resurrection Sunday, though it's been commercialized as so many of our holidays have been, is still the leading and most sacred event we could ever rejoice about in our faith; even more so than Christmas, I would argue. Why? Because, although holy and special, if Christ's only accomplishment was to be born, then you and I would still be lost.


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.- 1 Peter 1:3


We celebrate the Resurrection because this is where our hope is found! He LIVES! And since He is alive, so are we! Our past is dead and buried and the chains of sin, regret and shame no longer have control or power over us, through the resurrection of Jesus. In Christ, we have newness in every facet of our earthly and eternal existence: new identities, new purpose, new love, new futures, new natures and new hearts. This is only made possible through His death AND resurrection, as we accept His gift of salvation and walk in obedience each day.

"Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow", as the song says... and the next day, and the next day. And we each can stand tall, either in our stilettos,  our sneakers, boots or whatever. We can stand tall and mighty and powerful in our lives, in our womanhoods and in our callings, because the foundation of love established through His death and resurrection will sustain us throughout any situation we will face- victories and challenges, alike! 


So, today, loves, I want to encourage us all to take a moment and reflect on the newness that Christ's resurrection and salvation has brought to your life. How have you been made new? How has your life changed because of His love and your salvation? To answer these questions is to testify the miracle of Resurrection Day!


#BeTheShe who rejoices in her newness!







Share this with your social community to remind your family, friends and followers about the real reason for this beautiful holiday! So many people out there are unsure of their faith or their reasons for celebration. We can each be a light to help point them to the love of Christ, which is why we celebrate Resurrection Day, in the first place!


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