Self Care is Soul Care

July 29, 2018

We are over-scheduled, over stressed and over whelmed. In this modern world, where women wear a million hats, it makes it so easy to over look one very important necessity ... self care. Yes, the work needs to be completed, the kids need our attention, our men need our devotion and the laundry must get done, but we are an important part of our own lives and we need our attention, too. With all the responsibilities swarming around us, it can sometimes lead to an environment of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness if we over look taking care of ourselves and creating opportunities to pamper the Queens that we are.


In my younger years, I was able to avoid stress by simply avoiding responsibility. But now that I have matured (am still maturing) and, as of recently, became a mother of two, it's even more clear to me that a balanced life is so vital to living our best life. That means, yes, we must be sure to stay committed to our responsibilities and keep these areas priority, but, at the same time, we cannot expect to thrive if we are ignoring ourselves in the attempt of being "responsible". 

Self Care is imperative and encompasses mind, body and soul. We cannot neglect any aspects of ourselves and expect to be whole. When we are healthy, then we are more equipped to cultivate healthy environments, relationships and experiences around us and in the lives of others. The Bible, believe it or not, speaks very highly on this truth:


"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul." 3 John 1:2


John makes the notable balance between body and soul... that both must be well and that to pray for such or to expect such is healthy. It might seem unrealistic to suggest that what we need for healthy living is to make time to pamper ourselves, but self care is necessary and is not an unattainable luxury. We may not have the budget or the schedule to make a private appointment, but there are things we can do to unwind, refresh and take care or our selves- mind, body and soul. 

As women, we are heaven and earth to someone: our husbands, our children, our families... they need us to be at our best, so we must do our best to take care of ourselves. We don't need to feel guilty to carve out some personal TLC. This doesn't have to take place every day or even every week, but when we feel ourselves fill up with stress, anxiety or exhaustion- which, in many cases, is expressed with negative emotions or feelings of resentment, then it's time to unwind, mute out the world and tune inward for some restoration. This doesn't have to include a big trip or expensive experiences. The smaller, creative options for self care can be just as effective and doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money.


So, for the next 4 weeks, I want to explore 4 ways on how to refresh, rejuvenate and relax through some fun DIY activities. I'll be vlogging about ways that we can partake in self care, right in our homes and in our comfy jammies.... and my hope is that all of us will enjoy good health and happy souls as a result of simply taking a few minuets to pamper our hearts, in spite of the chaos, responsibilities and crazy expectations that we deal with from day to day!


Stay Tuned.....Fun is on the way!
Take care of your soul and don't be afraid to pamper yourself!





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Relax, Rejuvenate... Enjoy!

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