You Don't Have to Buy What You Already Have

August 5, 2018

As of last Wednesday, I'm finally allowed to drive again! It's been four long weeks and my new found freedom compelled me to visit my favorite beauty store. Since I've been inside for so long, I felt like my skin needed a pick-me-up, so after my doctor's appointment, I gathered up my little girls and hopped in the car towards the beauty store. I tried to skim the aisles while simultaneously keeping track of my jumping three year old and pushing a newborn stroller. Anxiety overwhelmed me. What I assumed would be a casual stroll down beauty lane quickly turned into a worrisome experience for me. But that was before I got to the skin care line.


$50 for a 4 ounce of what??? I couldn't believe it. $80 dollars for a tiny glass bottle of supposed

magic cream that will melt away 20 years of your life? Where are the before and after pictures, please? And where are the formula's for a young mom in her early thirties? Don't get me wrong, I want clean, taut and glowing skin, but I can't afford (literally or figuratively) to melt away 20 years of my life... 12 wasn't a good year for me, anyway.


But I kept looking and browsing and reading but eventually headed back to the car after picking up items that were joyously thrown to the ground in toddler bliss. Jeepers... I just wanted to buy something that would smell good, feel good and relax me for five minutes!


Though skin care isn't something that most of us consider putting on our prayer list, I did ask the Lord for His direction on how to help me rejuvenate. Motherhood is hard. It's only cute on Instagram. But in reality, it's some life altering, priority shifting, mind blowing change of existence, and every now and then, whether you're a mom or not, every woman needs a personal five minutes to unwind. But I didn't buy anything,... what could I do? And suddenly, sitting in my car with my sleeping daughters in the back seat, it came to me... you have all the ingredients you need to make what you need.




I don't care if you are frustrated with beauty products, your relationships, your career, your life, your dreams... you don't need to buy what you already have. God has equipped us, through His love and grace, to have all that we need through Jesus. This is what the Bible calls abundant living. We can live totally and fully, without the aid of unnecessary outside items. 


"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work" - 2 Corinthians 9:8


It's so encouraging to know that even when we feel empty handed, we are never lacking. No matter what we feel we need that we just can't seem to find or establish for ourselves, we have abundance to create and cultivate all that Christ has provided us to accomplish... even when it comes to skin care.


It's so great to see God's love, even in the little things. 


So once my husband came home, I took to my cabinets, created my own face mask and relished myself in a  little bit of DIY for some personal TLC. It was so enjoyable, refreshing and so much fun! Below is a link to a YouTube video I created to share with you all if  you'd like to try the mask out for yourselves! *I'm not a professional Vlogger, so give me some grace, please!


I hope you all enjoy the video and feel encouraged that

#1: God will supply all that you need in order for you to accomplish all His plans for you.

#2: You are never without or inadequate in any way.

#3: No matter how simple the request, God cares about the desires of your heart and He will show you the way to go!


You are enough and you are never without, in Jesus' name!


Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts!!!





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