Loving Ourselves

September 1, 2018


Post Pregnancy is truly a transitional time and I thank all of you who have sent me well wishes and congratulations. 


Though I am enjoying my blessings, recovering from a c-section isn't very enjoyable. I've just been granted the release to begin walking lightly and though I love the outdoors, I'm still feeling sluggish and not myself.


It's never easy to live in a body that you are uncomfortable with.  It's a huge misunderstanding that skinny equates the perfect body. That so isn't true. Healthy isn't a particular size more than it is a life style and a state of mind.


For me, I am in  a place where I am reminding myself to celebrate and not complain. Though a size 00 seems ridiculous, it's what I've always been used to. Pregnancy, however, has a way of stretching even the most fit of bodies and, in the transition of healing and gaining core strength back, I find that I am uncomfortable with the image of myself that I see in the mirror.


Don't laugh or roll your eyes. Don't cast this away as 'skinny girl problems'. I certainly don't see it that way. In my opinion, weather we are an Xsmall or an Xlarge, we each have seasons in our lives where we just don't feel as if we look our best, and this can take a toll on our self esteem, our confidence and even at times our self love.



There's nothing wrong with wanting to take care of our bodies and make the efforts neccessary to look our best. This is self care and it's healthy. 


It's important to embrace who we are and simply #BeTheShe that we feel God is perfecting us to be. This isn't only limited to our spiritual life, but also to our natural lives, as well.


Everything God made is good (Genesis 1), so mascara to accentuate your gorgeous eyes, pastel colors to compliment your skin tone or simply just working out in the gym to maintain your figure is perfectly fine to do!


“I  praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made".


- Psalms 139:14 -



The problem occurs when we become so self focused on where we are (or where we're not) in our body image goals that we forget to celebrate ourselves or even celebrate others. It's easy to compete and compare when we are disatisfied with ourselves. 


But I am finding that even in our dissatisfactions, may it be our dress size, our height, our skin or whatever, there is always overlooked beauty that deserves our attention and time to celebrate. You are beautiful, even if you aren't aware of it!




For the month of September,  I thought it might be fun to hear from a few women who's stories, on various subjects, can lift us all! Today, I'd like to introduce you to Erika and Jessica, two sweet friends who know what it's like to champion through the terrain of body image and how their relationship with The Lord has helped to transform their idea and acceptance of themselves.   


Enjoy their stories and be sure to follow Erica and Jessica on INSTAGRAM!