Relationship Renovations

September 30, 2018

Every month, I notify my subscribers about the topics I'll be covering. I've been calling this month "September and the In-between", because I feel as if this season of live, literally and spiritually, has a lot of us caught in the middle. It's not hot outside, but it's not cold either. We aren't always faithful, but we're not faithless either. We're not hopeful, but we're not hopeless either ... caught in the middle. 


One particular area of life I am well aware that has most of us bitting our lips, hoping to improve or needing to let go of, is in our relationships.  All relationships: Friendships, Romances, Family ties that bind or bite ... you name it, there is at least one relationship in each of our lives that is in dire need of our attention, decision and reflection. What relationship might that be for you?


If you've dared to pick up my book, Beyond Being Good, you are more than aware of the fact that I struggle with healthy boundaries in a very chaotic relationship in my extended family. It's been tough because, again, I keep finding myself caught in the in-between with this person. She's been quite hurtful, so do I keep reaching out or do I leave her the heck alone? Should I call? Should I try again? How do I love from a distance?  I'm not sure. Odds are, you're not so sure in your situation, either. So we are in the same boat, although, of course, our situations might look different.


But in order to thrive,  we have to be willing to take inventory on what is and what is not healthy in our lives, speak truth over it, seek truth for it and then make the best decision for all parties involved.  It takes work and effort. Not all relationships are easy and not all relationships are healthy, so for this week, I had a talk with a very sweet friend of mine, who is a licensed Family and Relationship counselor. Her name is Ashley Blanton and she will be sharing with us some of her professional insights on how to cultivate healthy relationships, renovate those that need mending and wrapping up those that don't. 


You can read her article here!



"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." - Proverbs 4:23


Our relationships help shape our experiences and our hearts, so let's all learn to invest in them wisely! 






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