Prayer for 2019

January 1, 2019



If  you're like me,  you're probably thinking ...


"Where did 2018 go?"


I mean, seriously. Where in the world did it go? Zoom, it came and Zoom, it's gone. The older I get, the faster the phenomenon of time zipping by gets.


The New Year can often arise various emotions with each of us, maybe even some regrets. Maybe some worries. Maybe some uncertainties. And though it is undeniable that all of us have certainly experienced great blessings in 2018, it never halts our anticipation and expectation for something better just over the horizon of time. 


An empty calendar beacons our hope for better circumstances, fulfillment and dreams and although what lies ahead is unknown to us, we have to keep in mind that God is in control, all our dealings are purposed for His glory and that next year has no magic, just mercy fresh and new, available to us with every new day and every next sunrise!


As I look back over my 2018, I celebrate the life of my new baby girl and her addition into our family. I think of all my blessings and safety through a difficult pregnancy. I stand in amazement over the release of my first book and I wait expectantly to see whats next. I have one regret which I continually lift up to the Lord in prayer. My prayer moving forward is to do things for HIs glory and not my own by trusting that He will handle all wrongs. I don't have to. He sees all hearts, all motives, all intentions and He alone knows where each of us is going because, when we walk with Him, He makes our paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).

That's right ... we are never alone when God is near and He has promised to never leave us or forsake us! So if you’ve just walked through the greatest year of your life or are desperately waiting to see 2018 dissipate into the past, this beautiful truth will never fail: You are not alone. Not ever.


You are always loved. You have purpose and promise. You are valued and celebrated. You are a child of God!


So as we slip on our stilettos and zip up our party dresses to ring in the new year, or kiss our babies goodnight and curl up with some coffee and a good movie, let's all remember to breath a prayer to the Lord for the good things He has done and the beautiful things yet to come! 


2019, we are ready for you!



Thank you for your love that never expires, no matter what season we find ourselves in. Thank you that you make all things new and that your mercies are fresh each and every day for us. Thank you for all that you've blessed our lives with this year and thank you even for the trials, because your word says they only make us stronger and more equipped for your glory (James 1:3).


As we ponder this past year and make way for the new, our prayer is that you will guide our decisions and turn our hearts more deeply into you as our priority and our desire. We ask that you will open lavish your loving kindness over us and give us your favor by opening up opportunities to thrive in the abundance of your love over us. We ask for healed relationships, thriving marriages, increase in career opportunities, conception for those who are trying, peace of mind for those who are making leaps of faith. We ask for an increase in our quiet times with you and conviction over our words, our attitudes and our intentions. Help us to be more like you, Jesus. Help us to love more like you. 


We ask that you make all things new, in our hearts, in our minds, in our decisions ... not just for the new year but for our lives. 


In Jesus’ name,



Happy New Year Everyone!



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