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February 10, 2019

Boxes are pilling up high in my living room where our kitchen table used to be. Bare walls now stand in silence, exposed by the missing picture frames that used to grace our home. We are moving! And though this is a very exciting time, it's also a white noise experience - conflicting feelings compacted with an unknown future. Will our new lives in a new place be better for us? Are we leaving what we shouldn't? Are we going where we are supposed to be?


It's times like these where I enjoy drowning out my racing thoughts with helpful distractions. I think we all enjoy blaring out the noise of our own thoughts sometimes. That's why listening to the radio or turning on the TV for background noise while we work is such a common practice.

But honestly, when we do this, is it really helping our hearts or is it only distracting our heads?


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy CNN in the background but I'm slowing becoming one of those podcast listeners. It's kind of like the old time radio shows, where people tuned out feeling a bit smarter and accomplished. In fact, I've even been on a few podcast shows lately and I've enjoyed listening even as I work!


So today, while I'm tapping up boxes and labeling memories, I wonder how many of you will be busy today doing something that's needed but uncertain? How many of  you will be trying to push away worries or thoughts or do-to lists today and needing a bit of a break or encouragement? If that's you, I just want to provide you with a  link to some podcasts that I had the pleasure of sharing with and maybe the conversation might be uplifting to you as you go about your tasks. 


Remember, even in the mundane and uncertainties of life, there is much to be thankful for and always an opportunity to find encouragement and inspiration! We just have to take the time to consider our blessings and seek ways to bless others!

 If you know of any good podcasts to recommend, send them my way .... I'm all ears!




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