Boxing Up the Busyness: How spending time with Jesus is always possible, no matter how busy life gets.

June 2, 2019





Hey friends! I'm back ... I've missed you! I've been away, sort of... but not what you think. Nope ... there have been no islands in my view, no aqua colored waters or white sandy beaches. No air travel or joy riding going on here. I've been away due to an epic family move. I've been away because I just couldn't find which box my computer was packed away in. 


Uggg! Moving... it's an experience that is it's own experience! When I was married, I moved into Jarrett's house with only 2 boxes. Now, 6 years later (Yes! We just celebrated 6 years on June 1), we moved into our new spot with over 50 boxes and 2 extra people! Wow! It's been a journey and a faith increaser. I'm definitely learning a lot and I'm desperately seeking Jesus moments throughout this whole process.


I know they are there ... Jesus moments. Little whispers from His Holy Spirit reminding me of His love or showing me areas where I need to relax and exercise more patience. It's amazing how emptying out boxes truly helps you reflect and even reveals some of who you are to yourself. And this is not a metaphor. How many of us neatly tuck away our lives in emotional boxes of insecurity, pain, anger, loneliness, unbelief, regret? It's easy to live our lives in avoidance of this, until that day when we are faced with opening those boxes and taking a good look at what's inside our own hearts. But Jesus is always near, even in the midst of our so called busyness. He stands at the door of our hearts and knocks. He's ready for us to lay our boxes down and welcome Him in.


During this move, I've definitely had my fair share of self evaluation. But more than what I see in my closet or what I'm extracting out of never ending bubble wrap, I'm realizing that I need to be spending more time with Jesus.

My busyness is only a distraction. I really want to make Him my life and not just a part of it. I want to uncover who He is as He uncovers who I am and I want to do this often. I want to be with Jesus. But life is so crazy. Moving, marrying, having babies, falling in love, finishing the semester, applying for jobs ... so many boxes to distract our hearts, but I firmly believe that no matter how crazy or busy life gets, we can always find time for Jesus.


1. Think on the Good Stuff


If you really believe God loves you and finds value in you, then this should excite us to draw near to HIm. Why? Because don't we all desire to be in the presence of those who love us? Aren't we all longing to cultivate relationships that are genuinely caring, supportive and encouraging? That's the heart of Christ for you. And since this is truth, once we accept this as a daily truth, then we will find ourselves desiring to spend more time with the One who loves us most of all. How? By simply meditating on His word. When we think about God's word, we are opening our hearts to believe what He says and we will find joy and peace in these truths. Spending time with Jesus doesn't always consist of chapters of Bible study or worship conferences. We can spend time with Him by simply inviting Him into our space and allowing Him to reveal, uncover and unbox areas in our lives that we may be too busy to notice.


2. Spending time with Jesus helps you work on your heart.


When we're too busy and too time consumed with our tasks, we aren't able to adequately take into account where we are in life. Busy, busy, busy ... too busy to self evaluate. But I think this is more than a miss step ... I think it's immaturity and ignorance, really.

It's so easy to claim busyness as an excuse for not dealing with life's issues or seeking to uncover the truths of who we are as women and what it takes to become who we need to be. But when we choose to spend time with Jesus, we are honestly choosing to be shown the areas where we need to grow, change and surrender. 

Gently, our Savior is always inviting us to let Him in so that His light can shine into our dark places - places where we try to avoid, hide or cover up in the name of being busy. But busy isn't always productive and un-productivity will not render the results that make a true difference. These results that I'm talking about doesn't concern position, bank statements or social status. NO. I'm talking about kingdom productivity - results that reflect the heart of God and position ourselves and others to live, look and love more like Jesus. That is productivity that points to eternity. These are the results that are worth pursuing because they won't go out in vain.


3. Jesus quiets the routine chaos.

When I'm running late, I growl. Like an animal ... I literally say, "Grrrrr". If I'm frustrated, I will scream into my pillow (so as to muffle the noise). I don't want anyone to hear me, of course, but I need a way to release the negative energy. It's chaotic. The honking horns in the morning on the way to work; the rushing to get on the elevator before it closes; the eye rolls we've perfected when the person in front of us can't figure out how to order a decent cup of coffee ... it's chaotic. But does it have to be? I think not. I think, if we're honest, chaos is a pretty word for out of control, but Jesus, who lives in our hearts, is always in control ... even over our chaos. 

When we invite Him into our day, we can experience more peace throughout simply by resting in the assurance that He's got it all under control. We're not in charge of anything. He is. Our busyness and frantic behavior doesn't aid the rotation of our globe. But Jesus, the creator of Heaven and Earth, holds the hold world in HIs hands and He holds you in there, too (Proverbs 30:4).

So we can chill ... or practice chilling, because we know who is in control and that He is working all things together for our good and His glory! 

So, in those moments when things are feeling chaotic, we can invite Jesus in by simply reminding ourselves that He is the God who says, "Peace, be still".


If you've found  yourself in a busy season and unsure how to make time for Jesus the way you would like to, let me encourage you that He is not far away. You don't need to make an appointment or clear your calendar. You can spend time with in right in your busy moment by meditationg on His word, inviting Him in and giving Him access to our hidden places that busyness tends to cover up and simply relinquishing our control and allowing our Savior to guide us and take care of all our cares. It's easier said than done, but the first step is just a willing heart. If we desire more of the Lord, He will give this to us (Psalm 37:4). Don't let busyness steal precious moments between you and Jesus. It's not about quantity of time, it's quality of time and sometimes, all that is required is a simple "Thank you Jesus for this day".


Remember, He is the one who searches our hearts and He is the ultimate One who can unbox our most intimate areas and place them atop the mantle of HIs love!


Everyday with Jesus, ladies!

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