How to Plan and Pursue Your Goals

August 1, 2019

We all have goals, don't we. Whether it's to complete a degree, move to a new city, start a blog or grow closer to the Lord. I truly believe the scripture that tells us to "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you" - Matthew 6:33


In this busy world, it's so easy to get swept away with the demands of our lives while we see other people achieving their goals, but you don't have to sit on the side lines. Whatever you are pondering in your heart, trust the Lord with those desires and put some action behind your faith! Here are a few suggestions to help you plan and pursue your goals!


1. Be Honest 

Be honest with yourself; pick a goal that will give you make you and others proud. 


2. Be Flexible

Not every desire we have is purposed for us. We all have dreams, but if those dreams don't align with God's plan for your life, it's ok to admit that and move on. If you find you’ve picked the wrong goal or are having a hard time achieving it, you can and should change it. We are not subject to our goals; they are subject to us. Don't allow the pressure of looking successful make you feel obligated to complete something that just isn't working. Make the goal easier or move on to another one. Don’t blame yourself, be critical or feel guilty and please, do not compare yourself to others! At the end of the day, your goals should be set for your own personal accomplishments and joy. No need to compete, compare or complain! Doing something enjoyable that holds your interest is success in itself!


2. Pursue Purpose

Don’t try to change the behavior of other people by setting goals for them. Seek the Lord for what it is He wants you to pursue. By trying to "keep up with the Jones' " or people pleasing in order to stay current or popular will only prevent you from achieving the true desires of your heart- desires that God placed within you. Be authentic and pursue His purpose for you!


3. Set a Check List

While I am working on my goals, I set check points. I do this by first writing down everything that I must accomplish to make my goal a success and then I check each one off, one by one. It's easy and convenient to think we can keep track of everything in our heads, but with work, family, social life, personal health, bills, education ...  you name it, things can get muddled up and lost in those pretty little heads of ours! We've all got a lot going on! Write down your goals and your road map to accomplish them so that you have a visual of what needs to be done. This will keep you more organized and an organized life is less apt for stressing out! 


4. Celebrate Your Successes

After I received my publishing contract for my book, I called together a group of my closest friends to celebrate! It was an amazing night and it set more excitement and expectation around the publication of my first book, Beyond Being Good! (Feel free to click the link and get a copy for yourself!)

Celebrating is not just fun, it’s actually helpful for keeping yourself motivated and making others aware of your progress. When people are informed, they are more prepared to support you and good goals need great support! 


Ladies, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13)!

Be encouraged and I can't wait to see what God does!




















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