Does God Care About the Daily Stuff?

August 11, 2019

My church has been delving deep into community prayer this Summer. We've had prayer meetings twice a week for the past few months. My family and I have joined with so many other families in our community to lift up our needs, our confessions and our requests to God. But, if I'm totally honest, there have been times where I felt a bit petty and unaccomplished walking out of church. Why? Well, because the lady beside me was lifting up her son for salvation and the man in front of me was literally crying out loud for his neighbor who has cancer and all I could seem to pray for was that God would lead us towards making the best decision for where to enroll our daughter for Kindergarten and to open up more opportunities for my writing and my book. I'm being honest.

Of course, there are other issues I lifted up- unsaved family members, sick people, friends who are financially struggling- but, none of those things were weighing down on my heart the way I wished they would.


Lord, what is wrong with me? Why am I so consumed with praying for the little things?


Have you ever felt embarrassed for praying about the small stuff? Maybe, like me, you hesitate or feel regretful about bringing trivial things to God in prayer.  It's so easy to look at our concerns and our situations and decide that, perhaps our requests just aren't serious enough to bother God about. We feel selfish! We feel stupid or unspiritual. 


I struggle with that a lot. I have issues and problems, like anyone else. I have sins and internal battles, daily. I struggle with unforgiveness, impatience, selfishness ... I do! But, it's not cancer. It's not homelessness. It's not a drug addition or an abortion or marital unfaithfulness. So, are my requests insignificant to God if they are not life and death based on the issues we feel are more or less important?


I've had to take a serious look at the motives behind my hesitation to pray about Kindergarten, my book, the random ideas and dreams that pop in my head and my broken relationship with one of my extended family members. Because, you see, God is not just the God of monumental issues, He's God over everything- even the little things.


"Oh, Lord God! You yourself made the heavens and earth by your great power and with your outstretched arm. Nothing is too difficult for you!" - Jeremiah 32:17


God made everything- Heaven and Earth. That means, He is God over the seashell, as well as the waves. He's God over the leaf as well as the forest! Amen? See, I'm realizing that when we avoid giving something to over to God because we think it is too minuscule, we are opperating in unbelief and refusing to trust God with the issues of our hearts.


But God invites us, everyday, all the time, with every issue, care and concern. Nothing is impossible for Him! Nothing is too difficult for Him and nothing and I mean nothing is too small for Him, either!

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So friends, let's not limit Him anymore. If there is something on your mind, include God in on it. Whether it's your desire for a loving relationship, a promotion at work, a sick friend, a broken relationship, an uncertainty about the future or a haunting regret from the past ... whatever it is, let's not deny ourselves access to the invitation we've received to approach God's throne of grace through the love and forgiveness of Jesus! It's our gift! Let's make good use of it! I"ll be praying for you al



l! Please keep us in prayer, as well.... particularly regarding Kailyn's Kindergarten placement! 


Thanks girls! I love ya'll!

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