Seeking God's Wisdom Past What We See

September 8, 2019

Photos by Benjamin D. Coleman 

"For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay ."

-Habakkuk 2:3 


Sometimes, we just can't wait. We see the situation and in that split second, we act upon our impulse to say something or do something. We see the need. We see the problem. We have the solution. So we move. We move and act and make decisions that we think is best. But, pause with me for a moment... 


Have we waited to hear from God?


There have been so many instances in my life where I mistook what I saw (or thought I saw) for reality. I made my inferences and conclusions based on my feelings and perceptions. But as I am growing and becoming and learning more about grace and mercy and my desperate need for both, I realize that only the Lord knows all sides of a story. We only have access to broken halves of the truth because we cannot peer into hearts and minds other than our own. Since this is the case, I'm learning that waiting on God and waiting on others is so imperative before I jump to conclusions about a person or situation. 

I know we pray. I know we want to hear from Jesus. We read our Bibles, we join a class, we listen to teachers and preachers, which is all wonderful and edifying. But do we wait for the Lord to reveal to us His plans and His perspectives or do we just act based on our perceptions and the things that we can see and perceive?


I want to remind us all that there is a difference between vision and sight:

sight is what you see in the flesh (attitudes, lifestyles, appearances). But vision is what the Lord gives

  us through His wisdom. It’s not something we can see; it’s something we must ask for.

I think, when we  ask for God’s wisdom, we’re less likely to judge others, complain, compare or doubt. Wisdom enhances our patience which allows us to wait as God works.


There is always more than what meets the eye. There are always hidden stories and hidden hearts; but nothing is hidden from God! I take great comfort in that and I await for the day when He chooses to reveal all things to those who truly love and trust in Him! 


Waiting is a blessing, ladies. Don't rush it! 


Thank you so much for reading this post today! I hope you are left feeling encouraged and excited for more of what God has inshore for you! If this post resonated with you or with someone who know, please share it with your community! I'd also love to hear from your, so drop a comment or email or feel free to send a Direct Message to my Instagram! Talk soon, girl!  


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