Washed by the Word

“make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, by the cleansing of God’s word.” (Ephesians 5:26)

I took a long break from social media. I hope to continue this break for various reasons, but, to be totally honest, I've felt crummy because I'm just not where I want to be. I'm not seeing the results that I thought I'd have achieved. I'm not seeing the response that I hoped to have. Starting out, I was so excited about the opportunity to reach out to others on social platforms. I was so excited to get private DM's from other ladies asking advice on relationships, modeling careers, scripture and college life. I felt like I was really being used by God.

Then one day, I realized that I was enjoying and expecting too much of myself in those opportunities. So when my DM was empty, it made me feel uncomfortable. When my book sales dropped at the last quarter, my self esteem dropped with it. Over time, I realize that my beginning drive to reach people for the Lord became a self-esteem meeter for myself. Sad, but true.

The break from social media has been good for me and I hope to continue to break for a while. I plan to pop on my stories from time to time, but I don't want to invest more time than that in this season. And no, it's not a new year's resolution; it's a switch in priorities.

My heart's desire, as so many of ours is, wants to be close to God and be an encouragement for others, not for my personal interest, but to truly shine and share the love of God. But in order to stay focused and mission minded, we all have to stay in our Bibles.

Podcasts won't do it. A weekly sermon won't do it. Those things are edifying, but true development happens when we are alone in God's Word; allowing His Holy Spirit to show us areas in our hearts that might need a priority adjustment and to light our path in the areas that He is calling us to.

I still want to share my thoughts on relationships and motherhood and fashion from time to time, but I hope you will join me as I redirect myself to focus on the Word of God and not just Christian topics. I want to explore scripture and I hope you will, too!

God's Word will change us if we trust Him and believe! God’s Word cleanses and purifies us and will impact more than just our day. His truth will rearrange our heart and mind and give us a pure perspective on the circumstances He is leading us through and leading us to.

If we would take time in our lives to seek Him and come as we are - sinners, guilty, imperfect and uncertain - His love, through the truth of His Word, will wash us clean, just as He promised!

Putting Christ at the center of our lives will put us in the center of His will! Amen!

There will be times where we fail to spend time with God every day. No condemnation! We have the freedom to come as we are whenever we want. God is waiting and His Word is calling out to us. Let's listen and receive all the wonders and grace that is ours through Christ Jesus! Like fresh water, His Word satisfies and His love fulfills!

Prayer for Today:

Dear Lord, I long to be close to you, more and more each day. I know that spending time in your Word will draw me nearer to you. Please give me a desire in my heart to spend more time with you in reading and in prayer. Thank you for giving me such a gift! Thank you for your Holy Spirit who leads and guides me! Cleanse me in all the areas that are not reflecting you and use me for your glory in all that I say and do.

In Jesus name, Amen!

We're on the right track ladies!


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