Speaking LIFE Over Your "Now"!

We all know what's going on. The world is on pause and we're staying informed. We're staying hopeful. But at the same time, we're all trying to fight against the fear. We're trying not to worry or fret or freak out! It's scary out here. Covid-19 has consumed all the efforts and all the time and it's easy to get swept over by the frenzy. But, I'd like to remind each of us that fear is a liar and that God is our peace! He is our portion and our covering. Covid is not the victor ... Christ is! And He has given us the gift of speaking life over all of our situations. No, it might not change the circumstances, but it could change us and how we respond to those circumstances. So here are five ways to speak life TODAY, in the face of fear and uncertainty. We can change the atmosphere in our hearts and in the hearts of others by these simple ways of sharing truth and speaking life in all of our situations.

1. Remind others that they are Visible to God.

I talk about this a lot and I've shared this on various podcast interviews: God sees you! God sees me and He is all up and through the details of this world and in our individual lives! Amen! We're not alone out here and He is not oblivious to our needs, our feelings or our concerns. So we can confidently encourage those around us that God is in their details! God is as current and as involved as we allow Him to be. Yes, I said allow, because Salvation is an invitation that we must receive and His presence is a gift that we must be willing to accept. So, as we are having these conversations with others, we can remind them that God is present, He sees us and He is waiting on us to receive all of His beautiful gifts.

2. Bring up the Best.

Even in the worst of times, we see how the Lord uses others to share and show His love. Why not take the time to point that out? Let's celebrate all the things that are actually going right in our world! Let's bring up the fact that, though times are difficult and scary, people are banning together. Church attendance has increased thanks to the fact that more churches are now online and available to those who either never went to church regularly or who couldn't get to church regularly. Bring up the best can bring out the best and I know for a fact that we can all use some good news! There is no on one this planet during this time who isn't in need of some good news! So lets talk about the precious new baby in your family! Let's talk about the dreams and ideas of others. Let's celebrate our Healthcare workers and the amazing job their doing on the front lines and let's talk about JESUS! He is the greatest news of all and it's always a good time to share and talk about Him!

3. Celebrate the Growth you see in Others.

It's easy to think that our confidence or our bravery is somehow a depiction of our spiritual maturity, but that simply isn't true. That's why God reminds us ... even commands us to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9). Why? Well, because sometimes things are overwhelming and scary! Sometimes, we forget that we already have the victory over everything in this world! If we forget, I promise you, our friends and family and coworkers forget this, too! So, let's remind them that the Joy of the Lord is our strength and that they are strong and then celebrate that with them! Celebrate the fact that they are further in the Lord than they used to be. Speak Life by showing encouragement and approval of how you've seen someone grow: as a mother, as a friend, as a wife, as a Believer in the Lord. We're all growing and it can be so life giving for someone to recognize and celebrate what the Lord is doing in our lives! Be that person! It could definitely change someone's day and maybe even their self-perception.

4. Embrace Transparency.

This is a hard one, I know, because we each carry secret codes within the boundaries of our comfort levels. Sometimes, we are uncomfortable being totally honest and sometimes we are uncomfortable hearing the complete honest stories of others. But either way, truth will set us free (John 8:31-32) and many of need some freedom right now. You have no idea the kinds of worries that keep others up at night- all we know are our own. But how healing it would be if we had an open door to share our hearts and listen to the hearts of others! So often, we're fearful to engage in such "deep" discussions because we feel ill equipped to help or we feel intimidated to be truly known, but perfect love drives out all fear (1 John 4:18). We can trust the Holy Spirit to give us the words of encouragement and insight to say and we can trust Him to lead us to trust worthy people who will do the same for us. Not all truths need to be revealed to all people. We do need to use wisdom with who we choose to confide in. But if God brings a sweet soul into your life who entrusts her story, her worry and concerns to you, embrace her transparency and use that open door to point her to the perfect love of Jesus, which casts away all fear!

5. Sow a Seed.

I love how Jesus uses parables and visual examples throughout His ministry. I'm one who enjoys an interesting work of art! A pretty picture gets me excited and so the idea of sowing seeds has always thrilled me! In His parable, Jesus paints the picture of the Word of God as a seed. He discusses different soil that would or would not allow God's Word to grow and it is one of His most insightful lessons from His ministry. You and I can sow seeds, too! We can sow seeds of love, encouragement, of our time, of our attention, of our thoughtfulness, of practical gifts and of our trust. When we take inventory of the people in our lives, let's ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us those who need some seeds. Who in your life needs seeds of affirmation? Who needs seeds of help? Who needs some seeds of quality time? As a child of God, you have the keys to the Kingdom and you posses all that's in God's kingdom. So, if we want to see the royal garden grow, we need to get to sowing some seeds that will

take root and produce a harvest! The great thing is, it doesn't just do them good, it does us good in the doing! That's really what speaking life does: It produces a harvest and that harvest produces more seeds that produce more harvests!

Yes, we are living through some unprecedented times. But this crises doesn't have to be the only anomalous factor in our current times. Our love and our actions can be and should be exceptional, remarkable and unheard of. It's what the world is craving. It's why God placed you in this specific time and place: to show that His love is faithful and true. Speaking Life is a gift He gave us to give our world some Heavenly hope. Let's not hold back!


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