Faithing Forward to the New Normal


It's what the whole world wants. It's something everyone is posting about, screaming about and demanding.

We're getting restless in our homes, frustrated with our interrupted plans and annoyed with the unanswered questions regarding the future of the unknown.

But what are we really asking for when we cry for "normal"?

Are we asking for life as it used to be- where we are too busy and anxious, over worked, over stressed and distracted? Life where we felt less than, insecure, lonely and without purpose?

Life before "19" was familiar, and as humans, familiarity is what we long for because it's all that we know. But the unknown could be filled with greater things for each of us if we allow ourselves to venture out in faith, rather than looking back and longing for our comfortable routines.

I'd like to encourage us all to take this time to look forward instead of backwards and spend our displaced time praying for

greater rather than wishing for what was. I'm asking us to have faith instead of fear and hope instead of discontentment. Why? Because Jesus is near and He has already taken care of everything!

This quarantine will come to an end. That's inevitable. Life will take flight once again. We have to live our lives, provide for our families and tend to our responsibilities. No argument there. But, when the green light turns back on and doors begin to reopen, what will we have to show for this trial that we've been through? What are we doing now that will prepare us for the new?

I'm reminded of a powerful scripture that has a resounding answer to this questions:

"Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God".

(1 John 5:5)

We prepare for the future now by believing in Jesus, the Son of God.

See, no one knows what this "New" normal will look like. How will it change the world? How will it change us? My prayer for myself, my family and for all of us is that our faith isn't put in the hope that we will be able to cope in a new society, but rather that our faith will be in the eternal and steadfast promises of Jesus- that we are more than conquerers (Rom. 8:37), that we have a hope and future (Jer. 29:11), that we are never alone (Heb. 13:5) and that He has it all under control (John 16:33).

Do you believe this?

Because if we do choose to believe these promises of God, then our victory is sure and our faith is secure; both now, into the future and beyond!

So promise me one thing though. Promise that we will not be like Lot's wife (Genesis 19: 24-26) - looking backwards to the comfort and familiarity of what we once had; but rather, in faith, look forwards in hope and celebration of the newness that follows every Believer who puts their faith in Jesus.

God has truly given us a gift in this pause. He's given us time: time to pray about where we are and where we desire to be in Him; time to reflect on our flaws and how much we need His gracious forgiveness to cover our multitudes of sin. He's also given us opportunity to be more intentional and more aware of invitations to share Christ's Gospel to hurting people in this hurting world by pointing them forwards to the love and coming of Christ, as we, ourselves, sojourn on in the strength of faith towards all the promises and victories that are ours in Jesus!

Let's faith forwards, together! There's better ahead, not just in our social lives, but even more so in our Christ filled hearts!

I'm praying for you!


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