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Christ, Christmas + COVID

Christmas is still about Christ, even amidst Covid.

Say that three times fast!

I know it's been a year ... It's been one scary, confusing, fatal and unprecedented year. But in the troubles is where grace abounds greater and I, for one, am so thankful that Jesus is still on His throne and in control!

This year, the world is looking even more intently for answers, for direction and for peace. It's not found in racial advances, in vaccinations, in a new government or even in self-help. The answer of course is the most simple: Jesus Christ!

Celebrating Christmas 2020 this year will be different for each of us. Some of you may be grieving, others may be uncertain about the future or maybe even anxious about the present, but I want to remind your hearts that the birth of Jesus was orchestrated for seasons such as these.

Our Lord didn't come to make happy people happier or to help successful people find more success. No. Jesus came for the sick, for the broken hearted, for the fearful and for the less likely. He came to give us hope where there is hopelessness, clarity where there is confusion, peace where there is unrest and love where there is loss. Jesus was born in such a time as this and is born for such a time as this!

Don't let the tradition of Christmas distract you from the promise that Christmas brings! Jesus is Lord, even in the disasters and He is Lord, even over COVID

! This is something we can all celebrate!

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