Fields of Fashion

My hubs and I were driving and I saw it: a real Sunflower field. I was amazed and totally captivated. I made (um, asked) him to pull over and I pleaded with him to take my picture. What a sweet heart, right?

I think flowers can teach us a lot about fashion and style and our appearances. In a world where there is so much uncertainty with our identity, self esteem and confidence, it's nice to see that something that is seemingly insignificant in the day to day of life, can hold its own in a powerful way.

I don't care if you are a college student waiting tables or if you are on the top of your fashion game in NY, we all have importance and it's not limited to the price tags hanging in our closets. Our beauty- our true beauty- is underneath and we express it in different ways not only in our outfit, but also in our love, our ambition and in the ways we give and share with the world around us.

Today, without planning to have a photo shoot, I put on some comfy chambray trousers I purchased from The Loft. I tucked in this cutie top from Express and threw on a floral robe from Francesca's. It's a cute look, right? But, honestly, I think these sunflowers have me beat! They are beautiful without even trying. You are, too!

"But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers."- Luke 12:27

Your confidence doesn't come from your closet!


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