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Five Tips for Studying Your Bible

Can I be honest with you and admit that I struggle to study my Bible? I read God's Word, both for interest, as well as for work, but studying for necessity ... it can be an "on again- off again" task.

It's easy to make excuses for why we haven't spent time in the scriptures, but I am thankful for great pastors and teachers who encourage us to dive deep into God's holy Word because the Holy Spirit uses scripture to shape our hearts and renew our minds!

"A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't." -Charles Spurgeon

If you are a new Believer or you are someone who has a back and forth relationship with daily reading, meditation and quiet time with Jesus, I want to share a few practical tips that can help you become more intentional!

Tip 1: Find Community

If you're struggling to get into the scriptures, find a friend to read and discuss with or join a Bible Study group at your church. We have workout partners, business partners and college study partners, then it's practical to have a Bible Reading partner! It makes the journey less lonely and it produces opportunities for you to deepen your relationships with others and with God at the same time!

Tip 2: Have Patience

Your relationship with Jesus is to make you a Jesus-Follower, not a Jesus-Scholar! The reason why we spend time in the scriptures is to build relationship with God, not acquire information on the subject of God. I think this perspective is an encouragement to us all because many people feel intimidated to read and to pray because they don't feel like an expert, but you don't have to be. The Holy Spirit is the only expert on scripture and He will guide you as you read your Bible. Trust that a little obedience and consistency will help you grow in your understanding and in your application of the Bible in your life!

Tip 3: Meditate on the Word

We naturally spend mental moments thinking on things that are of significance to us. We think about our plans, our businesses, people we love, places we desire to go, goals we hope to accomplish. Sometimes multiple times a day, we are designating time in our minds to ponder, to debate, examine and enjoy. This is meditation! In Joshua we're taught to meditate on the scriptures day and night. What we think about becomes a part of who we are so, as we meditate on God's word, we are more intentional about living by it!

Tip 4: Record The Answers

Until we begin a relationship with Jesus for ourselves, our spiritual questions can feel overwhelming. But as you grow, you learn and the Holy Spirit will begin to close the gap between your questions and His answers. You can use a journal or the empty pages in the back of your Bible to write out your questions on one side and then record your answers on the other side of the page! The scriptures are God-breathed (2 Timothy 3: 16)! They aren't just flat words on a page, but they are alive and constant so when we come with questions, the scriptures reveal what is true!

Tip 5: Use Your Resources

Salvation isn't a Sunday event; it's a lifestyle that God is constantly developing in us. Reading the scripture is like eating food and if we desire to be fit and healthy spiritually, we've got to take in God's Word, daily! Just like there are different meals we can eat, like breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are different ways in which we can take in scripture! Having access to resources by way of Bible apps, audio Bibles, podcasts, and Bible studies can help you grow further in your Christian life. Use your resources! Below are some creative ways that I keep scripture current in my life:

  • Listening to reputable podcasts, or to audio scriptures while you're doing other things--i.e. driving, working, gardening, working out, or walking.

  • The Bible App is also a wonderful resource filled with three, five and seven day Free Bible studies right on your phone! Check out my latest publication on the Bible App! It's about the Freedom of an Obedient Life!

  • Join a small group at Church or get a group of friends together in person or on Zoom, or start a text thread or Social Media thread to share scriptures and encouragement and to chat about what you're learning with others

If you are in a season where you'd like to begin reading your Bible more consistently and intentionally, I'd like to suggest you check out The Disciple of Christ Journal to accompany your daily reading or sermon note taking! If you use my name, KATRINA, in the discount box, you'll enjoy 10% of your purchase!

Which of these Bible study tips are you going to try? Do you have other Bible study tools to share?

Let me know! I'd love to cheer you on!


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