My Thoughts on the Casual Take Over

So Jarrett came home the other day telling me that his company just issued a "Casual" policy as a way to keep up with the new trend of wearing T-shirts to the office. I was absolutely relieved when Jarrett said, "That's not my style."

I know athleisure is booming and my millennial peers might rage war against this post, but am I the only 80's baby who feels that a smart blazer can make a powerful and sexy statement? I love a comfy Tee like anyone else, but I am of the mindset that when we desire not to look our best, it's hard to set a standard of personal best. I'm not talking perfection. I'm talking self-love, high esteem and pride in the way we represent ourselves to the world.

Jeans have their place, but not everything needs to be casual and not every dressed up look needs to be a mini skirt. There is definately something alluring to a well dressed women and in a culture where hardly anyone our age owns a suit. Stepping out in a level-up outfit will turn heads for sure! There's just something about stepping out in clean, pressed threads every now and then.

This look was so easy and effortless. This leather, high-waisted skirt (faux) is so flexible and moves well with your body. I love how sleek it looks and paired with this trendy sweater from the Loft, well ... let's just say I was not disappointed by the final look. My shoes, from Aldo, are just a classic favorite and sure to please. If you don't have a pair, I suggest you get yourself some - they come in different colors, heel hight and materials. You can shop this look below!

Looking good doesn't have to be a chore or a bore. So, to all my friends and neighbors who are taking the bate that being well dressed is over rated, I want to challenge you to take another look. It won't kill us to be purposefully sharp. Not everyday, but once in a while, it could do our image some good to step out like, "Yeah, I'm bout to turn some heads today!"

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