Now Is The Time!

Hey friends!

Wow ... a whole pandemic is slowly lifting from our lives. It's been a ride, hasn't it? Although I know it's not over yet, there is such peace and relief just at the thought that our God's sovereignty has never been compromised, His love has never failed and His Spirit is still alive and working.

It's been a few months since I've shared, and in the time of my website silence, many new friends and hearts have passed this way, subscribed and emailed me. If you are one of the new ones, thank you for being here! My life is literally an open book (2 of them, in fact) and though I have, as of recent, been associated as a new "Christian Influencer", the only influence I care to have is for the Kingdom - not myself. Of course, I want to sell my books to uplift and encourage. I want to travel for speaking engagements to point to scripture and edify the body of Christ. But if I never wrote another word and if I never spoke another message, I'd still desire that my life be lived to cheer others on for Jesus.

While we've been apart, the Lord has blessed our family with another little life ... coming soon! I am so excited about the arrival of our first son! He is due in August and we are thrilled. Those of you who have been with me for a while know that child-bearing has been a personal and spiritual challenge for my body, so please, if you think of us, keep us in your prayers. God has been gracious and I am thankful, still there are 6 weeks left of this pregnancy and my hope is that my brothers and sisters in Christ will continue to lift me up as I prepare to give life and birth another little light in this dark world.

Friends, there is so much I wish I could catch you up on and inform you about concerning what God is doing in my life and in my heart. But, if you asked me what I really want you to know it would be this: Becoming people who desire more of Christ means we have access to so many blessings - and not tangible things, necessarily. It means that freedom, healing, and hope belong to us, in Jesus' name!

My greatest concern is that, with all the false messages and gospels circulating our world and our churches today, someone may be tempted to doubt that God has good gifts for them - free of charge + made available because of His grace.

There are teachings that actually emphasize works, strange practices to manipulate God, a misuse of scripture and false prophecy. Popular teachers with billion dollar budgets, best selling books and huge followings are speaking words that do not reflect the scriptures and though the messages might be "positive", they are not spiritually productive. Friends, I want us to remember the words of Paul:

"not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the Gospel of Christ" -Galations 1:7

When I think about the simplicity and the consistency of God's plan and gift of Salvation, my heart is filled with the hope that we all will remember that His gifts are free, unconditional and spiritual.

Now is the time to seek God's truth in Scripture.

Now is the time to trust the Lord instead of idols of beauty, fame and cultural comfort.

Now is the time to identify truth from lies; the flesh from the Spirit.

God is teaching me to desire Him - His Word, His Heart, His Ways. But if we are looking to people and status and comfort, we will miss His voice every time. We know this in our heads, but we need to be living this. We need to PRAY!

I want to be transparent with you and admit that prayer is something I'm not always sure I am doing correctly, but if we maintain the simplicity of authentic conversation and communication with God, there's no way to complicate it. I want to encourage you to pray and to pray often: for a move of God's Spirit in your heart, for Salvation for your family and friends, for spiritual maturity and wisdom and for whatever else is a hope or concern in your life. Prayer is one of those blessings that is ours in Christ. It's an exclusive gift for those who do His will (John 9:31).

Now is the time to pray! So, I want to link arms with you by trusting in our gracious and glorious God who loved us enough to send Jesus! I want to pray for you as you seek His face, His truth and His presence in your daily life.

Let's prayer for each other and for our brothers and sisters in Christ, every where! We are pilgrims in this culture and in this world, but we are not alone! Amen?

I'm cheering us all on to live authentically for Jesus! He loves you and sees you and He has a perfect plan for your life. No matter who you are, what you've done or what you're going through, the love of Jesus is for you!


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daily walk with Jesus!


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