Valentine's Day Shouldn't Be Offensive

Let me tell you why Valentine's Day shouldn't be offensive...

Our redemption through Jesus was offered to us because God so loved the world (John 3:16). So, what does this have to do with Valentine's Day? Well, it all depends on what type of love you choose to celebrate. It's all about the perspective.

Sure, we can focus on the sexualized romantic spin that our culture has forced upon the day - but, as spiritually awaken children of God, we know, through scripture, that this never satisfies. Even in a marriage, sex can't sustain our souls; only the love of Jesus can do this. Only our salvation, purchased because of love, can fulfill our deepest longing and answer our most intimate questions concerning the meaning of our lives and the hope of good things to come. That's something to celebrate!

This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, His one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.

The enemy's greatest lie in our lives is convincing us that what we need can be found outside of God's love and His ways. So, of course, when our culture discusses love, the last thing we think about is Jesus. We think about extravagant dates and jewelry and sexual displays of affection, but I want to challenge us to distance our association of love far from society's portrayal and begin to develop a more Biblical world view of love through God's expression in Christ Jesus for you!

So I guess the question I'm asking is: do you celebrate God's love for you? This is terrain that we must venture into on our own, through the lens of scripture. We can be annoyed by this annual observance of intimacy, or we can shift our perspective by looking at Jesus and His TRUE and AUTHENTIC love.

This perspective is such a beautiful and life-giving shift because it's not just an observance of one day or fleeting feelings - we can focus our attention on the eternal love of God.

So when the posts start rolling and the flowers start pilling up (or not pilling up) here's a few follow-up questions for you:

If God's love is good, how does that change your day today? How does that change how you show love to others today?How does that shift the way you see yourself?

Love is a gift from God, not a tacky holiday.

Always remember that you are loved by a good God today.

ps: Bonus, Bonus question. If God made you in love, redeemed you in love and raised Christ from the dead because of His great love - what does that mean for your marriage?

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